Monday, August 22, 2011


As a child I had this idea of what it would be like to be all grown up. That I would have this mad wisdom, be calm and cool, really have things figured out. Yet, as I progress into my 40's I only have more questions and confusion than I had as a kid.

I would love to have a worthwhile blog filled with life giving, reasoned and helpful wisdom, but while I have much knowledge, I merely feel like a fool.

Why do I want to go to heaven?

Fear of Hell, or eternal nothingness? The desire to be in some form of paradise, the opportunity to dwell with God forever in love and bliss?

I am so tired of the fight, tired of trying to live right while those who live wrong get all the gold. My justification for living right- so I can dwell with God for eternity in heaven. What is heaven?

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