Friday, August 26, 2011

There really isn't much biblical information regarding heaven itself. Paul states there are three heavens, the first consisting of the atmosphere we live in, the second being outer space containing the galaxy and universe and the third where God abides.

The best information I can find regarding the process of death to heaven is that when we die we rest in the grave and that upon Jesus return we are resurrected as He was after His crucifixion. I can find no justification for the concept of an eternal place of torment for those who do not accept Christ's gift of grace and justification before the just and Holy Father.

I have read where theories of Hell and immediate ascension to heaven occur, but there are too many passages that point to the idea that the penalty for sin is death (Rom 6:23), not eternal torment. The idea that those who do not accept the gift of grace would perish makes more sense from a naturalist perspective as those who reject God fear not being remembered, not making a lasting impression. Many people just want to make it into the history books. They do not naturally fear eternal fire and torment.

From my study, those who completely reject God will pass away after their death to exist no more. Those who accepted Jesus as their sin offering will abide in the New Jerusalem with God and those who proclaimed to know God, used His name, but were not faithful or turned away from God during their lifetime will be judged and suffer a second death where they will no longer exist.

Heaven. Revelation 21 is the best description we have of heaven, where the earth is renewed with a new Jerusalem which will be the abiding place for the children of God and our Father.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Topic One: What is Heaven?

What is Heaven?

Heaven is the eternal resting place of the Christian after death for one who places faith in God and accepts the gift of grace offered by Jesus for the forgiveness of sins. Through Jesus the Christian is seen as justified by God, perfected, forgiven for breaking the law of God.

Personally, I have no idea how to wrap my head around heaven. The idea of heaven seems ominous, unthinkable. After 40 years here on Earth, trying to be a good person in God and societies eyes, fighting the good fight, the idea f eternity is less than attractive.

The topic for this string of posts will be a study in what heaven is, when do we go, what do we do when we get there and why we should live right and have heaven as a goal.


As a child I had this idea of what it would be like to be all grown up. That I would have this mad wisdom, be calm and cool, really have things figured out. Yet, as I progress into my 40's I only have more questions and confusion than I had as a kid.

I would love to have a worthwhile blog filled with life giving, reasoned and helpful wisdom, but while I have much knowledge, I merely feel like a fool.

Why do I want to go to heaven?

Fear of Hell, or eternal nothingness? The desire to be in some form of paradise, the opportunity to dwell with God forever in love and bliss?

I am so tired of the fight, tired of trying to live right while those who live wrong get all the gold. My justification for living right- so I can dwell with God for eternity in heaven. What is heaven?